Another one bites the dust  

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ShadowGuyver pretty much gave up the game last night. We did a run in Gold Coins Mansion for him, to get that killer epithet. It was fun. It's just sad to see another experienced adult player leave the game. Let's face it, they're hard to replace. That guy in particular will be really hard to replace. He's been playing for years and was even a volunteer game manager back in the Acclaim days. There aren't too many around who know more about the game than I do, but he would be one of them.

He's got good reasons though and we all have to respect them. He's graduating university in a few weeks and is already searching for a job. He's got a girlfriend too now, one of the original sort of time sink. He hasn't been too happy about the state of the game either, and in his own words, "Games Campus hasn't done much to improve the game".

He's right of course. This league is called Disconnected for a reason, and we all still get dc'ed far too often. The game crashes at the map changes are pretty annoying too. There is still no such thing as PvP balance even with the artificial attack rating cap on the nukers. All it takes is one high level nuker to show up and no one else will ever have a chance to take one of the fortresses. In Black vs White war Batuo can single-handedly defend the white side Hermit.

PvP balance may not be something that Games Campus can ever fix but there are plenty of other issues they could deal with, and obviously they don't have the same concerns that we players have. Refining hacks get a three day ban, quest repeats are still happening, damage is hacked on the bosses, level hacking is back, and shared accounts are more common than ever. The lack of responses from Games Campus mean it's just not worth to report them anymore.

And in the mean time, another one bites the dust.

See ya Shadow, it was a lot of fun having you around! Come and see us once in a while.

- AxtTreiber

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Damn it :/
Wanted to buy your axe :/
will miss you :(

April 19, 2011 at 6:35 PM

Make me a offer i cant refuse :P

I wont delete my account so i can say hi once in a while.

Though i wont sell my 4 slot just in case :D

And axt keep me up to date if game campus see's the light (yeah right) or if DC finds a better game.

Will miss most of you aswell ;)

April 19, 2011 at 7:24 PM

here's G1's latest gag:

April 19, 2011 at 11:33 PM

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