The Brotherhood of Thieves  

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Lu-Lin - The Brotherhood of Thieves
Black clan

Headquarters location : Tai Shan Moutain, Zhongyuan Province

Since life was so dangerous in ancient China, becoming a bandit was a lifestyle that many took to. While it was not glamorous, it did offer the poorer people a chance of survival. The great fighting skills that were developed here came from much experience of mountain fighting. These are straightforward fighting skills. They did not believe in embellishing their skills with decoration. Lu-Lin is a hard and direct fighting style. The Lu-Lin believe in winning at all costs. They prefer to use raw power and savagery.

As you might expect in a mountain range, the weapons that the Lu-Lin favor are axes and spears. These developed out of the mountain man?s standard working tools. Axes that started as simple tools for chopping wood soon became double edged weapons of great beauty and power. Spears that were simple hunting tools now became strengthened and developed for fighting at a safe distance from the enemy.

Favored weapons
Spear (Warrior)
Axe (Healer & Hybrid)
Bracers (Caster)


Warrior Bandits (Warrior type) - These are some of the toughest men you will ever meet. They are skilled with the spear and the axe, and they use their physical strength and training to take the enemy down in a combat situation. They learn all the spear skills of Lu-Lin, and some of them develop skills for confusing their opponents, especially when they are in their home territory and can use local knowledge of the terrain to their advantage.
Armored Bandits (Caster type) - Armored Bandits do not like to get too close to their enemies. They prefer to strike from a distance, particularly using the height of the mountains to their advantage. They are good at avoiding or absorbing enemy attacks and then striking back with long-range counter-attacks. As a fighting style, this requires patience and tenacity. The brigand does not seek to win with one clever strike, but will wear down his opponent and then finish him off with a killer blow.
Gold-Rogues (Healer type) - Rogues are often credited as being the only intelligent class in the Lu-Lin - especially by other rogues! This does not mean that they are weak, but they prefer to use their skills in a group situation. If the Lu-Lin are mounting an attack, they need to take rogues with them in the group. Rogues can heal and help other classes by improving their stats. They also get many skills that help them to protect themselves; a gold-rogue?s first job is to look after himself!
Taishan Bandits (Hybrid type) - These are the all-rounders of the Lu-Lin. They excel at scouting off by themselves for long periods of time. They are the loners of the bandit clan. Even for a Lu-Lin, they are very untrusting of others, even though they know how to look after themselves. They use axes for close-range combat and can concentrate their chi for long-range. Being essentially loners, they have also learned to heal themselves.

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Explanation for the roles,

Good for PvP, and good at PvE.

Very good at PvE, good at PvP at higher levels (Golden Blossoms and up.)

Good at PvE, good at PvP at higher levels (Golden Blossoms and up.)
(Notice, healer are hard to level up at lower levels, it will get easier from FD and up.)

The kings of PvP, if you want to be a PvP player this is the way to go. Nukers are good at PvE too, at RL and up you can kill mobs with approxiamately 2 hits. The down side of the nuker, very hard to level at lower levels unless you have good stuff on you. (e.g. good defence set, relics and good refined bracers.) So i suggest a nuker as alternate character.

I hope this helped all the newer players.

Go Go and have fun,

Yoshimitsune (White DC, wu tang hybrid)

June 15, 2009 at 1:28 PM

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