The League of Beggars  

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Gai-Pan - The League of Beggars
White clan

Headquarters location : Tianjin City, Hubei Province

The Gai-Pan are famous for their use of the drunken monkey style. This style originated because of the tough life of a beggar on the streets of ancient China. Their fighting skills are very practical. Training is mostly based around real life activities such as finding food and staying alive! Gai-Pan fighting skills use deception to get opponents off-guard. Since they are a clan of beggars, most of the skills began as real life activities such as begging, snake-hunting (remember it?s ancient China), and chasing away stray dogs, before being stylized into a fighting art. Some of the skills like drunken monkey fighting actually require you to drink alcohol before use!

Favored weapons

Stave (Warrior)
Fists (Healer & Hybrid)
Bracers (Caster)


Vanguard BeggarsVanguard Beggars (Warrior type) - Vanguards are great brawlers. They understand the drunken monkey fighting style and can also use staves with great power.
Dragon BeggarsDragon Beggars (Caster type) - Dragon Beggars use Chi or inner spiritual power to enhance their fighting abilities. Although physically weak, they use mind skills to increase their defense or absorb a physical attack.
Strategy BeggarsStrategy Beggars (Healer type) - Strategy Beggars only have a few fighting skills, but can help other players by healing them. They can also increase others? health or defense temporarily, or cure internal or external wounds. Healers are especially essential when player parties want to explore dungeons or to engage in battles with other parties or guilds.
Spirit BeggarsSpirit Beggars (Hybrid type) - They are the jack of all trades. They can use drunken monkey fighting, strengthen themselves with their Chi and even heal themselves. However, remember - jack of all trades, master of none!

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Explanation for the roles,

Good for PvP, and good at PvE.

Very good at PvE, good at PvP at higher levels (Golden Blossoms and up.)

Good at PvE, good at PvP at higher levels (Golden Blossoms and up.)
(Notice, healer are hard to level up at lower levels, it will get easier from FD and up.)

The kings of PvP, if you want to be a PvP player this is the way to go. Nukers are good at PvE too, at RL and up you can kill mobs with approxiamately 2 hits. The down side of the nuker, very hard to level at lower levels unless you have good stuff on you. (e.g. good defence set, relics and good refined bracers.) So i suggest a nuker as alternate character.

I hope this helped all the newer players.

Go Go and have fun,

Yoshimitsune (White DC, wu tang hybrid)

June 15, 2009 at 1:26 PM

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