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White clan

Headquarters location : Tianzhu Peak, Hubei Province

The Wu-Tang skills are based on the Great Absolute. This is the principle of Yin and Yang, where the universe is in balance but also in motion. Yin swallows Yang but is itself absorbed by Yin. Wu-Tang are also called the Clan of Heavenly Swords. In practice, this means that their skills are in harmony with the principles of nature. Wu-Tang skills emphasize smoothness and flowing moves. But mastering Wu-Tang skills generally takes more time because of the strong emphasis on mastering the basics.

Favored weapons
Sword (Warrior)
Fists (Healer & Hybrid)
Bracers (Caster)


Blue Dragons (Warrior type) - These are the backbone of the Wu-Tang fighting power. They learn ?Cloud sword? and ?Wind sword? related skills that give them extra speed and power.
Black Turtles (Caster type) - They embody the tough spirit of Wu-Tang. They have learned how to handle Chi flawlessly and they protect themselves using Chi protective skills.

Red Phoenixes (Healer type) - They need high intelligence to be successful. They help other players using healing and protection skills, but they have a specific attack skill called Tai-Chi fist fighting.
White Tigers (Hybrid type) - They can learn all the Wu-Tang skills except sword fighting because that requires dedicated training. But it?s really hard to master all the skills, so they have to keep learning.

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Explanation for the roles,

Good for PvP, and good at PvE.

Very good at PvE, good at PvP at higher levels (Golden Blossoms and up.)

Good at PvE, good at PvP at higher levels (Golden Blossoms and up.)
(Notice, healer are hard to level up at lower levels, it will get easier from FD and up.)

The kings of PvP, if you want to be a PvP player this is the way to go. Nukers are good at PvE too, at RL and up you can kill mobs with approxiamately 2 hits. The down side of the nuker, very hard to level at lower levels unless you have good stuff on you. (e.g. good defence set, relics and good refined bracers.) So i suggest a nuker as alternate character.

I hope this helped all the newer players.

Go Go and have fun,

Yoshimitsune (White DC, wu tang hybrid)

June 15, 2009 at 1:25 PM

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