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How do I contact Acclaim for support issues?
Send an email to 9dsupport@acclaim.com

What is that BloodCounter at right down corner?
Every time you kill a monster, your blood count rises. after it reaches 999, you will get free Blood Essence.

How to make my weapon to glow?
By refining it higher than +2. Each refining level gives a different color for weapon. +9 would be red.

How to refine weapon?
In hefei you can buy refining bloods from general store for +1 and +2 refining. +3 and higher refining requires Blood Essence converted into Dragon Blood bottles with "Refining Merchant". Near middle of hefei there is "Master Refiner" which does your refining. Beware! Weapon has high chance to break during refining process after +2 and increases rapidly when trying to get next one.

What are decos?
Decos are costumes that covers full body outfit. Possible to buy some of them with 50k from base map. Possible to buy from coin-store too with 4 slots.

How to get DarkHeart of BraveHeart?
By getting good or bad karma. Everytime you kill 100 monsters, you will gain 1 good karma but same doesnt work for bad karma. You get more karma points by killing people at bloody plain. 30 good karma from killing opposite clan, 10 bad karma for killing neighbour clan. Karma title comes when reaching 1000 good karma poinst or 100 bad karma points

How does elixirs work?
By drinking them you gain their stats will increase. Lower level elixirs gives less but their chance to max is higher. At higher level elixir might fail totally and it gives you even -12 effect. Its cheap to maximize up till lvl 2 elixirs.

How i can do PlayerKilling?
By going to Bloody Plain or Conquerors Cave. Hold Shift down and double click your enemy.

I just died in the game, so what now?
Try to ask reviving from high players in your league. If they are not available, just try to revive at inn. Reviving doesn't save your BloodCount.

How to stop those advertising people from flooding?
By deactivating general chat from chat-window.

How do i get rid of advertises?
Go to Internet Explorer settings and adjust Privacy and Security settings to Highest. This will disable all advertises. If you need to use coin-store or hotmail for example, you need to chance settings back to medium. Alternative coin-store can be found from here http://9dragons.acclaim.com/store/store.jsp

How to open a stand/store?
1. Go into peace mode. (You can tell with icon on the skillbar. Red = Combat, Grey = peace) You can switch by hitting Tab.
2. Hit L to open the Living Window. Click on the Action button on the top of the window.
3. Click Open Stand.
4. Place items in the stand window.
5. Enter prices for the items.
6. Enter a name for the stand.
7. Hit Open Stand.
You can change the items/prices by hitting Edit Stand.

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Lately allot of questions about what role a character should be, are asked on map chat. So i decided to make a little guide for the newer players, on what role to choose.

Explanation for the roles,

Good for PvP, and good at PvE.

Very good at PvE, good at PvP at higher levels (Golden Blossoms and up.)

Good at PvE, good at PvP at higher levels (Golden Blossoms and up.)
(Notice, healer are hard to level up at lower levels, it will get easier from FD and up.)

The kings of PvP, if you want to be a PvP player this is the way to go. Nukers are good at PvE too, at RL and up you can kill mobs with approxiamately 2 hits. The down side of the nuker, very hard to level at lower levels unless you have good stuff on you. (e.g. good defence set, relics and good refined bracers.) So i suggest a nuker as alternate character.

I hope this helped all the newer players.

Go Go and have fun,

Yoshimitsune (White DC, wu tang hybrid)

June 15, 2009 at 1:30 PM

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