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Mi-Gong - Sacred Flower
Black clan - Female only

Headquarters location : Cavernous Lair, Shanxi Province

The Mi-Gong were a race of warrior women. They trained in the deadly arts of assassination, using their beauty and femininity to get close to their targets. They use their skills for evil, and because they were, in history, an exclusively female clan, anyone wishing to play this clan must take a female character.

Mi-Gong fighting skills are based on the concept of "circles" and "changes". They have cunning minds, and are willing to be patient in a fight. This gives them an advantage against weak-minded or impatient opponents. Overall, their skills require less internal chi strength to generate power than other styles. Mi-Gong can use special mind controlling skills such as seduction. Daggers and flying wheels are the main weapons of the Mi-Gong. As assassins, they prefer weapons that can be hidden or disguised as harmless everyday objects. Players can train their skills in accordance with the weapons they choose.

Favored Weapons
Flying Wheel (Warrior)
Dagger (Healer & Hybrid)
Bracers (Caster)


Mistress of War (Warrior type) - As you would expect from the name, Mistress of war is a very belligerent class! They like to get very up close and personal. They prefer to use flying wheels from a very close range to literally slice up their opponents. Not only are they deadly in close range combat, but they can also use a few mind control skills as disciples of Mi-Gong.
Mistress of Spirit (Caster type) - Watch out for these ladies because they?re great at mind control skills. They can use their chi powers to deal long-range attacks. But in contrast to their high inner strength, they are physically relatively weak. Not that that stops them from dominating all around them!
Mistress of Heaven (Healer type) - They?re the most intelligent and considerate disciples of Mi-Gong. They use their skills to help other disciples. They are adept at healing and increasing other people?s attacks. But don?t mistake gentleness for weakness! Their dagger skills are legendary, and many an opponent, thinking the battle won, has found a black dagger sticking out of his heart!
Mistress of Cloud (Hybrid type) - The Mistresses of cloud tend to be the scouts of the Mi-Gong. Their skills cover all aspects of Mi-Gong fighting skills, and this generalist nature allows them to explore strange environments by themselves. While not as individually skilled as any of the other types, they can learn dagger fighting, healing, mind controlling and long-range skills. However, they need to choose their skills carefully because they are seeking to balance the entire spectrum of Mi-Gong abilities.

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Explanation for the roles,

Good for PvP, and good at PvE.

Very good at PvE, good at PvP at higher levels (Golden Blossoms and up.)

Good at PvE, good at PvP at higher levels (Golden Blossoms and up.)
(Notice, healer are hard to level up at lower levels, it will get easier from FD and up.)

The kings of PvP, if you want to be a PvP player this is the way to go. Nukers are good at PvE too, at RL and up you can kill mobs with approxiamately 2 hits. The down side of the nuker, very hard to level at lower levels unless you have good stuff on you. (e.g. good defence set, relics and good refined bracers.) So i suggest a nuker as alternate character.

I hope this helped all the newer players.

Go Go and have fun,

Yoshimitsune (White DC, wu tang hybrid)

June 15, 2009 at 1:28 PM

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