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I don't have much that is important to report, but I thought I would share a few things from the news this weekend. First of all the experience event is going reasonably well and a fair number of people are actually playing. I have a new member in my band, and 2 people are waiting for invites to the Sacred Flowers band. We may have to reform that band because the bandmaster hasn't been seen for ages. ShadowGuyver, I would appreciate it if you could check in with us once in a while so that we can reform the league and dump that mostly inactive SF band.

Xenawarior? Are you up to being bandmaster again?

Laskarina from the UnitedForces league made it to Hermit 1 this weekend. There should be a special entry on the wikipedia page for no-life losers, just for Laskarina. Man, I thought I was bad. I might make it to HM12 tonight. It's looking like next weekend will be a 3x event. It will be interesting to see who gets what sort of levels.

Games Campus will bring us the Tibet map and School of the Rising Sun dungeon next week. There are a total of maybe 3 people who could grind in SRS now, so that's not really important. I've been instructed to not post in English on their forum anymore, except in the International Corner. I'm really not in the mood for that sort of game publisher stupidity. Yes I can speak and read in German but I touch type in English. I have to physically look at each key to type in German while I think about how about how to spell things, and I can't spell worth spit in German.

I suspect I won't be posting much more on the Games Campus forum. It's their loss, not mine.

Speaking of game publisher stupidity, I posted a suggestion that Games Campus should change the package size of the experience cards. The current price for a package of 50 cards is 3300 Campus Credits, or about 66 cents each. The only problem with that? The easiest way to buy Campus Credits is with a Paysafe card, and those come in 25 euro amounts. For 25 euros you get 2750 credits. If Games Campus packaged 40 xp cards for 2750 credits the unit price would be 68 cents each.

This doesn't look difficult to me but I doubt they'll do anything with that suggestion.

Traditionally, the publishers of 9Dragons don't pay much attention to player suggestions and in this regard Games Campus isn't much different. What we have here is a game being played by a bunch of people with no life, and being run by a bunch of people with no brains.

Good combination! How did you do in the weekend event?

- AxtTreiber

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Will log tomorrow night if the others can aswell too reform the league.

April 17, 2011 at 8:27 PM

I'll work on it. Hopefully the others will read this too, tonight or tomorrow.

April 17, 2011 at 9:39 PM

another good entry for wiki:

Forever Moaning Players:

SpearDriver from DC Hero league

Other titles, sore looser, forever whiner, iMoan, iBitch, you get the drift :)

congratz, your worse than sedbona

April 20, 2011 at 2:17 PM

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