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A vagabond is a character who has not joined a clan, either because he does not yet satisfy the requirements or because he does not want to join one. Despite being defined as a character lacking a Clan and Role, it is often considered to be a fifth role in 9Dragons.

There are only a few skills a vagabond can learn:
- Basic meditation
- Basic active and smashing skills for the various weapons
- The Revealing Hand Maneuver

In addition, a vagabond can learn a few clan skills, because they are available before actually joining the respective clan:

Heavenly Demon clan skills:
Basic Heavenly Demon Lightfoot
Basic Demon Saber (active)
Basic Demon Fists (active)
Wu Tang clan skills:
Basic Wu Tang Lightfoot
Basic Wu Tang Sword (active)
Basic Wu Tang Fists (active)

- Playing a vagabond can be very arduous. Vagabonds don't have any powerful attack skills, long-rang attacks, buffs or healing skills.
- Vagabonds have a reduced epithet selection. Because most epithet-giving quests are clan-based, vagabonds are restricted to Heroic, Adventure and Slaying Epithets.
- Vagabonds cannot participate wars like Black vs White or Storm vs Storm, resulting no access for TGW buffs or TGW epithet.
- Low variables in stat attributes causes minimal outcome for life and vital energy than compared for stats of a clan player.
- Vagabonds are not able to wear Second Role clothes or to have more masteries and skills.
- Maximum available stats are 250, while 2nd role clan players can enjoy 300 max stats.

- Vagabonds can enter any map in the game
- Vagabonds are not attacked by any clan guards
- Vagabonds can enter all clan bases without to join the clan, except the Sacred Flower clanbase for male characters, or the Shaolin clanbase for female characters
- Vagabonds are able to get all Killer Epithets from black and white maps
- Vagabonds can enter Black and White parties.
- When Vagabonds die, they can select to "Revive in Nearest Town" instead of "Revive at Clan Base". This makes it easier for Vagabond to return to where they were.

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