Good News, Bad News  

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We've got some good news for the league. We've managed to attract a number of active players, and some of them are really high level. We've got all the active players from the Devil's Mind league with us now, and a few of them are active pvp'ers too.

I wasn't planning to go to SVS this weekend because most of our high level players haven't been seen for a while. With this group, I'll go make the reservation as soon as I post this. Hopefully a few people will read this before the weekend and we'll have some fun with that fight.

Also, there is a 2x complete event this weekend. All of xp rate, skill rate and drop rate will be doubled from noon Sunday until midnight on the 1st of November. It's not often we get a complete event so lets go out and enjoy it. I'll be on my nuker for this event because...

The bad news is, the second half of Tibet has been delayed yet again. This time "for some weeks". "Technical reasons" is all we were told but you know that translates from Korean as "Indy21 fucked something up again".

Oh well.

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