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Yo Disconnecters,

G1 9d is no more and they are planning to move all their databases to the GC, but this only works trough transfer agreement. I did that transfer too even tho I don't have any items or playable characters :) But we will see if they can recover something from acclaim's screenshots. Maybe yet another "acclamed" database loss? :)

- Red

Hello Dragons,

At this time, our team is awaiting the database from GamersFirst. If you noticed, the transfer button is no longer on the top left. This does not mean you have missed the transfer. Rather, we are waiting for the database in order to allow yout complete the transfer from G1 to GC. For those that have done the transfer on our page already, please re-do it again. Once we get the database sent to us, we will be bringing back the transfer button (top left of homepage). At that time, you will be able to complete your transfer over to GC and begin playing your characters again.

Transfer Instruction
Open up the homepage
Click on the Transfer Button (Top Left)
Follow the listed directions

For the most part, it's pretty direct. Just follow the directions and you'll be just fine

Note- If you are not using a widescreen monitor, you may have a hard time finding the transfer button. In that case follow the directions below to find the transfer button

Locating Transfer Button
Open up the 9 Dragons homepage in windows mode (not full screen)
Scroll to the top left
Look for the "BLUE" transfer button

Please make note of this announcement as this is to inform you of the transfer notice

9 Dragons Team

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They won't get the Acclaim database back and I didn't opt-in to transfer my characters from G1, to GamesCampus dot USA.

One thing I'm interested in is Part II of Tibet. The English language file will probably give us a few clues as to what's coming for the German server.

Thanks for the links Red, we still get a lot of people reading this site even if we don't update it much anymore.

September 16, 2011 at 10:25 PM

Their reply:

Hello bizt,

Unfortunately, it will not be possible for us to recover the information relating to your data. G1 is only sending us the data for those that have selected to transfer. Anyone that has not selected to transfer will not have their data sent to us. Because G1 is the owner of the database, we cannot control the decision on what data they can't and can send. We are very sorry for this matter and the trouble this whole situation as caused you since your Acclaim days. If you wish to start fresh, you can as we'll be starting a brand new server which should launch later tonigt/early morning.

9 Dragons GM

September 17, 2011 at 2:40 PM

SpearDriver, i will login soon on 9D ger. I hope you still have my 4 slot GL axe. I kinda need it back :P

October 3, 2011 at 5:30 PM

Nvm, seems like i still had it. Thought i lend it out XD

October 3, 2011 at 10:42 PM

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