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Maybe they are finally starting to feel sorry for us, or maybe this is just the usual once per month experience event that Games Campus has been giving us so far. Either way I'm happy to see it. At the Half Maniac 2 level I get about 8% per hour of grind. Without events and xp cards I can't even level up every day, and that is pretty frustrating. I'm not planning to spend any more money on this version so I'm saving the xp cards I have, for an event.

Finally we have one.

This weekend, starting Friday at 6pm local time until Monday morning at 10am we'll have 2x the normal experience rates. Yes, it's another marathon. I don't think I can get to the Lost Mind levels but I will probably be fairly close.

Good luck and have fun this weekend. It's Time To Grind!

- AxtTreiber

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